Nash-Ville Nash-Ville, My Kinda Town

Nash-Ville Nash-Ville, My Kinda Town

Oh, the places you’ll go, the places you’ll see, the places you’ll eat ….put Nashville on your bucket list of cities to visit!  To add to my previous visit to Nashville!

Beautiful morning walking the bridge.
Broadway during the day, at night this street comes music and people everywhere having a good time


Morning in Nashville I hit Crema for coffee and yes the quintessential hipster dish, avocado toast




Dinner with Vandy Family! Houston Deb and California Deb (me) had our serious doubts about going for Mexican food…but it was pretty darn tasty! Brisket tacos and corn on the cob with crema, chili, and lime.


Damn fine cuppa coffee. We walked to 12South and stopped for coffee at Frothy Monkey and  cronuts at 5 Daughters-totally calorie worthy. Check out Urban Grub too!

Cronut Heaven


Vandy beats Kansas!


Yes, Kolaches in East good

Yes, Dorothy, there is ramen in Nashville. Oatku in The Gulch, close to Biscuit Love another favorite!


Can’t wait to go back

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