Jest Jammin’ (Strawberry Lime Jam)

Jest Jammin’ (Strawberry Lime Jam)

From my weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market I once again came home with way too many strawberries…I should have bought one basket but noooo..I went bonkers and bought a HALF FLAT of strawberries.  That’s 6 baskets of strawberries between the two of us.

Which means it’s JAM TIME.  I pulled up the recipe for STUPID EASY jam I posted a couple months ago, grabbed the lime instead of the lemon sitting on the counter and less than an hour later I’m spreading homemade jam on toast to go with my coffee.  How easy is that? Yummos.  The lime is a nice change from lemon it gives it a tropical twist.

I think the best thing about regattas and long bike rides is guilt free carb loading and there is nothing better than a pb&j sandwich. I love the saltiness of the peanut butter and sweetness of the jam smooshed between two slices of Wonder Bread.

Even though I didn’t row or ride today, a loaf of soft white bread reminiscent of Wonder Bread, a jar of just made jam and summer’s last hurrah heat wave was the perfect excuse for a pb&j sandwich and a tall glass of ice cold milk for dinner. Nothing like starting the day with jam on buttered toast and ending it with a pb&j. Felt like a kid again.

So if you are like me and find yourself with too many strawberries.  Make some jam!

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