Eat, Sweat, Love Atlanta Part 1

Eat, Sweat, Love Atlanta Part 1

Jamie is working in Atlanta for the summer so we packed our bags and headed out to see her and visit yet another great city in the South. We booked an AirBnB in downtown Atlanta, 6 eagerly anticipated vacation days…that is until we glanced at, 90 degree heat and 90 percent humidity. Ugh.  When we arrived, we walked out of the Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport and BAM! my glasses fogged up immediately and I almost walked into a pole. Saved only by Wes.

We rented a car and headed into downtown.  Sitting in traffic it feels like I never left California.  We get to town and realize it’s almost time to meet Jamie for dinner.  She has picked an Italian restaurant BoccaLupo. Wes looks at a map and says words he will later regret, “It doesn’t look very far, we could probably walk there.”

Forty five minutes later, dripping with sweat and my hundredth time whining “Are we there yet?”  we see Jamie standing in front of the restaurant, for a minute I think its a mirage.  The food was innovative, pretty and delicious as were the cocktails. Despite my complaining, the walk down Edgewood Ave was worth it.  Restaurants, quirky shops, bars are adding color and life to this street.  Chainstores are nowhere to be found…for now.  We ended up spending quite a bit of time cruising up and down Edgewood during our stay.

My pick for the Edgewood Ave. experience was a hip joint called the Staplehouse.  Definitely the hot ticket. Profits from Staplehouse go to the Giving Kitchen a charity organization started by Ryan and Jen, creators of Staplehouse, after Ryan was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The restaurant community rallied around them and now the Giving Kitchen supports restaurant workers in need.  Staplehouse is his legacy.  Farm to table experience highlighting local growers.  Delicious, beautifully presented food in a hip, modern comfortable space.

Roasted wild mushrooms and farro


Duck Rilettes

We decided we needed to de-hipster ourselves so we took a trip to the donut shop! Sublime Donuts


Don’t let them tell you Atlanta is a sleepy southern’s quite the place to visit and I would love to go back with the intention of also going to Selma, Birmingham, much history.

More deliciousness….


While Wes was checking out a very cool woodworking store across the street I enjoyed some chocolates at Cacao Cafe


We celebrated Father’s Day with Sunday Supper at JCT. Kitchen and Bar.  Some mighty fine biscuits and eats.

I’m not done…Atlanta Part 2 more food but also what to do besides eat!

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