Instead of the usual Christmas baking and festivities I found myself in bed with the flu for most of the holiday season.  I passed the time by watching the Hallmark holiday movie channel (I know, desperate times call for desperate measures) and luckily a PBS Downton Abby marathon.  I soon tired of watching TV and fortuitously a package arrived in the mail from Blogging for Books. Yay, perfect timing. I excitedly tore open the envelope and found the audiobook version of The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller.
The book started out much like one of those Hallmark movies I had been watching.  Olivia, a talented but down on her luck Boston pastry chef, moves to a rustic small New England town. Initially an outsider she begins to make friends (with the help of her delicious pastries) that run the gamut of quirky to ornery.  The book is a quick and easy read. Though my initial reaction was this is going to be fluff, the more I listened the more engaged I became with the story. The cast of characters are endearing as is her dog, Salty.  In the end I would say I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.  The reader, Jorjeana Marie has a pleasant voice with enough tonal range and emotional nuance to carry off the host of characters and the role of narrator as well. If you need a quick light read during your commute or on the beach, City Baker’s Guide to Country Living would fit the bill nicely.

Thanks for reading, comments welcomed!