Finding Dorie (Vanilla Polka Dot Cookies)

Finding Dorie (Vanilla Polka Dot Cookies)

Rock and rollers, Tom Cruise, that Bieber Kid, they all have their groupies.   I am a Dorie groupie.  Yep, not ashamed to admit it. Dorie is the bomb. Are you wondering-who?  Not that hilarious little blue fish in Finding Nemo? No.  “You mean Ellen DeGeneres who voices that cute little fish?”  Nope.  I am a fan of Dorie, Dorie Greenspan-cookbook author, dessert queen, cookie connoisseur and baker extraordinaire.  I recently drove up to the City to see her at Omnivore Books, one of many tour stops (how does she do it?) for her newest book, Dories Cookies.  A hefty compendium of deliciousness that, yes, is all about the cookie.  Her recipe for Jammers, a buttery sable’ topped with jam and streusel alone makes it worth getting.  I don’t know Dorie on a personal level, but she is gracious, humorous and generous-one of the nicest souls you’ll meet.  This comes across when you see her in person and in her writing.

Me and Dorie
Here I am with Dorie!

All this, and her cookbooks are REALLY, REALLY good.  The recipes are well written, easy to follow, and the results are YUMMY.  Before heading to the book signing I spent an agonizing few minutes trying to pick which books of hers I wanted her to sign (I literally have all of them).  I went with the first Dorie book I ever bought, Paris Sweets.  It contains her iconic recipe for Korova Cookies, aka World Peace Cookies.

Mr. Greenspan

As I waited in line, I talked to Dorie’s husband Michael.  Wouldn’t you know it, he is just as nice! The list of the recipes I have tried from Dorie’s books grows ever longer and this newest book will definitely add to it. Right about now is when I start looking in earnest for cookie recipes for the holidays. I opened the book and bam, Vanilla Polka Dot Cookies caught my eye.  The cookie starts with a buttery, vanilla laden dough made with egg whites.  The dough smelled so delicious. I had to stop myself  from dipping my finger in the bowl and popping a swirl of dough in my mouth.

The dough comes together quickly and can be used for this recipe immediately. Scoop, roll and dip.  Place the balls on a lined baking sheet press to flatten and bake.  How easy is that?


The dough does not spread so press the cookies to desired thickness.  I wanted a flatter thinner cookie.  I also wanted a smaller cookie, approximately 2.5 inches in diameter.  I used a tablespoon ice cream scoop to portion the dough.  The cookies took only 14 minutes to bake, well short of the suggested 20-22 minutes. My cookies were much smaller which accounts for the shorter baking time.  Watch the cookies carefully when baking, they brown very quickly.  All in all these fit the bill for a crispy, buttery festive cookie perfect for the holidays.  I brought them to Thanksgiving dinner and the kids gobbled (get it?) them up.


The recipe for these cookies can be found here along with her recipe for World Peace Cookies, courtesy of the Star Telegram.  If you are a Dorie fan like me, take a photo of any of Dorie’s cookies you make from her book, post it on Twitter or Instagram, and tag it with #Doriescookies and @Cookies4Kids. This will automatically trigger a 5 dollar donation to pediatric cancer research, woohoo!  Thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.






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