Well of course we ate our way through the city!  My favorite place from this trip is…wait for it……..





Queso dip with thin crispy tortilla chips,  Trailer Park Tacos trashy-style and corn grilled taken off the cob and gussied up with cheese and spices.  Good tacos at a great price. Yum.




Houston is not just a one trick pony of Tex-Mex food.  During this trip we feasted on Greek and Indian food.  Stopped for Boba tea, nibbled on great biscuits over a steaming latte at Blacksmith. Ran into Shipley’s for kolachys and witnessed a char-siu bao eating contest during dim sum lunch.  We perused the international aisles of Phoenicia Foods and munched on chili biscuits to start our soul food supper at Lucille’s.  How’s that for cosmopolitan eating.




Dinner at Helen Greek Food and Wine in Rice Village:  We started with a trio of delicious dips followed with stuffed squash blossoms and a whole stuffed snapper with a tart and tangy lemon sauce.  A sweet ending of fennel cinnamon laced donuts.
The squash blossoms were DELICIOUS, GET THEM.




We ate at Pondicheri Cafe, an upscale Indian eatery that serves familiar Indian dishes in a lovely space.  I had their Earth Thali that included crispy golden pakoras, carrot roti, butter chicken and a creamy vegetable korma-yum. We then promptly headed upstairs to their Bake Lab after dinner.




Yum, yum, yum, the Bake Lab, serves wonderful pastries and breads that pay homage to India.  There is always room for dessert!




My favorites include the Chai Pie Trifle and their Masala cookie, a unique riff on shortbread (yes, my favorite) flavored with chili, cumin and coriander..don’t freak out…it was deliciously different, slightly sweet with a hint of Indian spice.


And now I head to NASHVILLE!!!!!!!

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