I don’t want to sound like the Houston Chamber of Commerce but we did have a great time this past weekend.  Being a native Californian, a San Franciscan at that, does not lend itself well to being a fan of the Lone Star State. Politics aside (I just can’t wrap my head around how Molly Ivins and Ann Richards come from the same state much less the same planet as Ted Cruz) I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have enjoyed my visits.  Of course it does help that I get to see my girl.
This quick jaunt did have a purpose.  This past summer Jamie came home and announced “I think I am going to try out for the cross country team at Rice this fall”.  To which we all did a double take and exclaimed “What!? Have you ever seen a cross country meet?  Nope.”  She has always played a sport-soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, softball but run?  Hmm, did not see that one coming.  She spoke to the coach and they came up with a plan.  A simple plan really. RUN. RUN a lot. RUN some more.  It paid off. She excitedly called home to tell us “I made the team!”  So we packed our bags and headed to Houston to watch Jamie run her very first cross country meet.


Let’s play “Where’s Jamie?”
The day before Jamie’s meet, we headed to the Museum of Fine Arts for the Kusama Exhibit, “At the End of the Universe”.
While Jamie was in class, we wandered around Houston’s Museum District starting with The Menil Collection. The museum is comprised of a main gallery, the Rothko Chapel and the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, it is an eclectic, amazing collection of art.  One of my favorite pieces is the Broken Obelisk, dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr, it sits in front of the Rothko Chapel.
After the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, an afternoon break was in order at Bistro Menil.
She did great at her first meet so “we” cooled down by walking around campus enjoying a gorgeous Houston evening.
Go Rice Owls and James Turrell’s “Twilight Epiphany Skyspace” on campus.  The canopy’s light changes morphing into an array of beautiful peaceful colors. We sat under the canopy mesmerized by the colors, definitely a nice spot to sit, relax and reflect.

Rice Owl



Houston Skyline

Houston Part 2:  We talk food in the next post!

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