Happy National Donut Day!  Also known as just an excuse to have something sugary and yummy.  I’m guessing this is pretty much the food version of a Hallmark created holiday to boost card sales but I’m ok with that.  I pulled out my donut hole pan and made those poser donuts “Donut Hole Muffins”. I first tasted these little gems during our search for delicious PIE road trip. Here is the link to the original post with the recipe for those very easy, very quick poser donut hole muffins.

I also want to show hubby’s hobby (not to be confused with Hobby Lobby), woodworking. The  wood serving plank in the banner for this post is courtesy of the hubby.  I have been asking (nagging) him to make me wood bread boards and serving trays.  This is just an extra piece of wood he had left from a project, the grain of the wood just caught my eye, I just love using it as a backdrop.  Boards today, bowls some day soon…hopefully.


Celebrate, life is good, eat donuts.





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