A few weeks ago my friend Jane’s daughter was in a terrible car crash in Tahoe.  I was in Hawaii when I found out.  I felt helpless.  After a few days in the intensive care unit and multiple tests they let her go, but not before making the decision to donate her organs as she would have wanted them to do.

There are no words of comfort I can give to my friends that could possibly ease their pain.  I cannot fathom how they feel.  I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through.  I am heartbroken for them, for her and for all of us that were touched by this amazing ball of light, laughter and energy.  At only 25 she accomplished more than most do in a lifetime.  She loved the outdoors, loved to push herself physically and mentally.  She was an artist, athlete, rower, firefighter, EMT, ski patrol and much much more.  The ultimate team player, she pushed herself and rooted for her teammates even if she was competing against them. She brought so much joy to so many it is almost impossible to believe that she is not here.  She enjoyed life and lived every moment to its fullest.  She had the tenacity of a pitbull, the strength of an Amazon, and the spirit of a warrior.

She will be missed.

This song was for her family.  She put it on a playlist for her future niece and for them and now it has become my mantra.   I will be there for the long haul, to listen, cry, laugh, talk, to help anyway I can.

Love You Snook Family

One Call Away cover by Jason Chin



One thought on “There Are No Words

  1. The song is so appropriate. So sorry for your friend’s loss. She has a good friend in you, I see. Sigh, life is fragile and uncertain. Make it count.

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