Right before the holidays I was trying to figure out what to get the hubby so I called my cousin’s wife Kathy in New York.  She is my Go-to-Guru for kitchen appliances and cookbooks.  I was curious about a sous vide machine and knew she had one.  She mentioned she was throwing a surprise birthday party for Mike (her hubby) and I immediately invited myself, I know tacky but hey we’re family.  A quick trip to New York would be fun and help decompress from the holidays.  By the time I boarded the plane I had the hubs and daughter in tow.


I love New York.  The energy level is amazing. Museums, restaurants, people watching, theaters, history. So much to enjoy, appreciate and reflect upon.  We visited the World Trade Memorial, the MOMA, the Met, walked SOHO and the waterfront, stood in line for half price Broadway tickets (still expensive but SO worth it) to see Something Rotten (GO. Very funny!).  We topped off our MOMA visit with lunch from the Halal Guys cart and noshed on great bagels and lox from Russ & Daughters.  Jamie, with her roomie Jenny, took off to High Line Park, Manhattan’s old railroad trestle reinvented as a beautiful urban park.

No Jamie, these are real bagels. Chewy with a nice crispy crust.  They aren’t stale, sheesh.

IMG_1474I wonder how annoyed people were on the plane coming home when I pulled out my chopped liver, egg salad, smoked whitefish and salmon salad and bagels.  Hey, it was a long flight, gotta have something delicious to eat.

If you haven’t been to New York..put it on your bucket list NOW.


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