I don’t think I will be baking any cookies for awhile.  Twelve recipes seemed doable but amid the whirlwind of the holidays, shopping, friends and family visiting, it turned into a daunting task.  But I completed my cookie mission, finishing on New Year’s Eve…and  now I NEED a BREAK!

But I do need to make something yummy today.  Something that will go well with APPOINTMENT TV, that is, Downton Abbey.  Yep, I admit I am a fan and tonight I will be glued to the telly watching the final season premier!  Jamie and I will be settled on the couch with steaming cups of tea and something delicious with a British twist.  Finger sandwiches? Scones?

Recently on my way home from the boathouse I stopped at Manresa Bread in town.  On the drive there,  I had somehow managed to convince myself I had worked out enough to enjoy a kouign amann, a flaky, buttery, caramelized pastry delight.  Totally calorie worthy and boy-o-boy its a lot of calories.  Right next to the kouign amaan, a plate of scones caught my eye.  Made with buckwheat flour and fresh blueberries, they had a lovely dark tinge and golden brown edges.  Intrigued, I had to get one but don’t think for a minute I passed on the kouign amann.  Nope.  I promised myself I would spend some extra time in the gym the next day.  Really.


Thanks to the Santa Cruz Examiner, I have the recipe for Manresa’s buckwheat blueberry scones. Perfect for tonight’s Downton episode.  The scone is delicious though different from a traditional one, the crumb is much finer, less crumbly.  Like all scones and biscuits, don’t overwork the dough.  I used a pastry blender to cut in the butter and a dough scraper to blend the cream with the flour butter mixture.  I made a quarter recipe today or my biscuit bowl above would have had considerably more dough.  In addition to the  buckwheat flour, cake flour and all purpose flour are used. The buckwheat flour gives it a flavor punch, scones with attitude.

I like recipes where the measurements are given in weights (grams) as this one. The scale I have is not precise enough for this recipe so I rounded (yep, just like they taught us in elementary school) to the nearest whole number.  Seemed to work fine.  I used regular sea salt which was a bit much.  I would use kosher salt next time or reduce the amount of salt in the recipe by half.  I skipped the buckwheat groats since I didn’t have any.  The sprinkling of sugar was a fine finish.  I will definitely be making these again!


Thanks for reading, comments welcomed!