My brother in law’s mother passed away unexpectedly a few days ago.  Through the years we would see her at family functions and exchange pleasantries.  Every Christmas we were the lucky recipients of one of her signature pink cake boxes filled with a variety of delicious homemade holiday cookies.  We all had our favorites.  Me, I loved her almond cookies.  They were just like the ones in the windows of Chinatown bakeries, crumbly, full of almond flavor and finished with an almond pressed into the center.  Unfortunately I do not have her recipe but I do have one by Belinda Leong of b patisserie in San Francisco.  Bursting with almond flavor and buttery goodness this is an amazingly delicious cookie that for me pays tribute to Mrs. F.  Baking these lovely morsels conjures up the image of those pink boxes stacked on the holiday table. Most of all it reminds me of her warm smile and her kind and generous spirit.  She will be missed.

Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)/Auld Lang Syne performed by Yo- Yo Ma and Chris Botti



The recipe for these wonderful almond cookies is from Andrea Nguyen’s blog post Viet World Kitchen.  The recipe was first published in the book Chef’s Table by Carolyn Jung.  There were some glitches in the recipe but as I have found in the past, food people are of the most generous spirit.  No sooner had I emailed Ms. Nguyen she responded answering all my questions and updating her website.  Here is the link to the recipe on her blog, Viet World Kitchen.  I weighed the flour using the 8.75 ounces and used 1/2 cup volume measurement for the sugar.  Check the cookies early as mine were done in a little over 12 minutes.  If you like crisp, buttery, almond flavored cookies..BAKE THESE, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Very touching post. I had an almond cookie I loved. Sadly gave away the cookbook forgetting that the recipe was in there. So happy to try these.

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