As I fixate on cookies for the holiday season, Wes continues his quest for interesting, delicious vegetarian dishes.  Not surprisingly this often means Indian food.  We had stopped at our favorite hole in the wall one evening and tried their Mushroom Matar.  We weren’t disappointed.  Peas and mushrooms surrounded by a sweet savory sauce.  The dish was a respite from the heat of the Biryani and Palak Paneer.  I am a wimp when it comes to spicy so I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.  I greedily wiped the last bits of sauce off the bowl with my naan beating Wes to the punch.  Dude, you snooze you lose.

We found a tasty recipe on the website/blog Veg Recipes of India.  A wonderful blog that contains a treasure trove of useful information, step by step instructions, photos and recipes for novices like Wes and me. I found the dish actually tasted better the next day as the spices seemed to meld together a bit more.  The recipe and step by step instructions for Mushroom Matar can be found on  Veg Recipes of India.

Enjoy!  Now back to my cookie obsession…..

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