FINALLY, a resolution to the bicycle saga.  I picked up my bike this evening.  My words of wisdom is to advocate for yourself, don’t give in and frankly, it’s true, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  At the low point of this odyssey I was told I would be getting a silver frame bike ( I hate silver) as a replacement and it would cost me 250 dollars to put the parts of my old bike on the new frame.  I DON’T THINK SO.  I called Cervelo the maker of my bike and questioned why I should be the one to shoulder the cost when it was a defective frame.  The response was “we do not cover labor cost for warranty frames.”  Hmmm, that doesn’t seem quite right…recalls for cars do not require you to pay for the labor if a defective part is replaced.  Cervelo searched for another frame since I hate silver. They found a replacement but it was an upgrade version of the same model as my bike.  Hey, I could have this one for a mere 500 dollars….WHAAAT?  I have to pay 500 dollars for this frame & 250 dollars to put it back together???  All I wanted was my bike tuned…AUUUUGH!  Another couple of phone calls to Adrian, representative for Cervelo, compromise reached, no charge on the upgrade frame but I would shoulder the labor costs at the bike store.  Ok, at least I was getting a better frame.  The call came in my  bike was finished, yay!  Hold on, I have to pay for the cables and housing, why?  Its going to cost me 320 dollars?  What happened to the quoted 250 dollars, no mention of + parts? I almost gave in, but on my commute home from work (all hour an half,  but thats for a later blog post) I decided I wasn’t going to give in.  Back on the phone,  let me speak to the manager please..grrrrrrrr…..Why hello BEN, we need to talk.

I’m sure all involved were happy to see me go as I walked the bike out the door.  My persistence paid off, no pun intended,   250 dollars for the build and like my old bike, this one is black and badass looking.  See you on the road friends.


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