IMG_5945Exactly what I want to do right now, Shout by Tears for Fears…

Pretty bike, don’t you think? Got this bad boy about 4 years ago and unfortunately have not ridden it that much.  Spent more time in a boat rather than on my bike.  My rowing compadres have been riding alot so time to dust it off and join them.  I take my bike into the shop where I bought it for a tune up and what do you know, the brake stay is cracked and the frame is defective.  Shop warranties the frame, 21/2 weeks later Cervelo sends a replacement frame, coolio!  What? It will cost me 250 dollars for you to take the parts off my bike and put it on the new frame?  But you are getting a new frame he exclaims.  What?  The frame is silver? WTF?!  I hate silver!  They pretty much send you whatever they have he exclaims adding but you got a new frame…..AUUGH!!!!  So for my bike that I spent a pretty penny on and took it in for a tune-up,  I will walk out with an ugly ass silver bike that I would never have bought and 250 dollars poorer?  Tell me, am I wrong to be upset?  Keep it boxed boys, I’m calling the company.

5 thoughts on “Warning! I am PISSED OFF!

  1. I remember when you first got the bike how stoked you were. You are not wrong to be upset. Wait, is this Debbie or Jamie here?? Well either and/or both of you can be upset about this!

    1. Hi Miles, It’s Deb. I guess I’m the moderator! Thanks for backing me up!

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