London’s food scene has much to offer!  Jordan can’t stop raving about fish & chips, our family gave pub food the thumbs and we enjoyed afternoon tea at the Royal British Museum surrounded by antiquities.  We roamed around Harrods to ogle the food court (15 pounds for a bowl of soup, sheesh) and spent a few mouthwatering hours at Burough Market filling ourselves with pastry, sausages, paella and Turkish Delight!

Tea at the British Museum



Prep time!

My favorite city of our trip is Florence.  Not to be missed the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia and the Piazza Duomo.  A highlight of our trip a cooking class, Cook, Eat-Italian with Manuela.  The meal was simple and delicious, the kids loved cooking and prepping the ingredients, I loved the respite from eating in restaurants.  The menu included a rigatoni with bolognese sauce, fried zucchini flowers, rolled and stuffed beef rolls and gelato.

Beautiful zucchini flowers freshly picked that day
Rigatoni with Bolognese Sauce
Homemade vanilla and chocolate gelato
Enjoying the fruits of our labor and stories about Florence with our host, Manuela

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