We are off to Europe! Jeffrey has graduated from high school, family vacation time! What to expect from our blog? Photos, lots of photos. Wes takes great pics as many of you may know from our Smugmug site. He has chronicled our sports, food and travel adventures on SmugMug and I will no doubt use his photos as well as Jamie’s..she has turned into quite the shutterbug.
So, if you like food, opinion (we are very opinionated), sports and random thoughts..you have come to the right place!


3 Jamigos Excellent Adventure Begins

To ease ourselves into our adventure we stop in London first. We learn how to navigate the underground to find our way around. A little practice before we go to countries where English isn’t the primary language and navigating will be a bit tougher. We have visited some of the major cities including New York, Boston, Chicago and now London, makes me wish BART ran to more cities in the Bay Area, what a boon that would be if public transit was part of everyday life instead of our cars!

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